I’m not a monster, I’m just changing.

Hi! It’s Juan here. The whole name would be Juan González Miralles de Imperial –you know that thing we Spaniards do all the time, piling up last-names till you have enough letters to play Scrabble with your friendos. You can just call me Juan, or “Mr. Miralles” if you wanna go full-on fancy mode.

I was born in the sunny south of Europe. As south as it gets, literally. Cádiz, Spain. Look it up, it’s a crazy place if you like kitesurfing and sandy beaches. My friends and I would joke as we grew up and say “we must be like chameleons, guys. We need to adapt to get out of this place”. It’s not that it was a bad place to grow up in, it was just boring. The idea got stuck in my mind: you need to be in constant change. So I started changing.

I moved to Madrid to study Architecture right after turning 18. I loved the place, and profoundly disliked the studies. Silver-lining: when you don’t like where you are at, you’re somehow encouraged to change. I got so tired of buildings that I started doing some research on anything related to composition, art, graphic design –the only subjects where I didn’t want to blow my brains up. I ended up freelancing as a graphic and web designer as I finished the degree, and launching my first startup with some friends.

Our baby project was also a mutant itself. It started off well, then it went not so well, and now I don’t know what was of it. I learnt a lot from it though; not only about coding and design, but also about setting up a team that stays together even when everything goes south.

I set off to Berlin when I finished. I needed some fresh air, and Berlin seemed like a good option. WRONG! They let people smoke in bars and outside it’s -15ºC, so no fresh air at all. It was the right choice however; I started Miami Ad School and, for a whole year, developed my skills guided by the best creatives I’ve ever met. I found what I was good at, and everyone around me only pushed me forward and helped me become what I am now.

Then it was time to change places again. I moved to NYC and interned at 360i. Three months later it was Serviceplan Munich and, three months after that, I crossed Le Grand Bleu again to Buenos Aires. Hectic year, but definitely worth it. After a quick stop in Berlin for the summer, I headed to Paris and started working at Ogilvy Paris.

So what now? What’s the next big change? What mutations might take place?

Well. You tell me.

Work Experience:

Creative / Art Director – Ogilvy Paris (2019)
Creative and Co-Founder – Mñn Mñn (2018)
Creative Intern – Furia Buenos Aires (2018)
Creative Intern – Serviceplan Munich (2018)
Creative Intern – 360i NY (2017)
Freelance Graphic and Web Designer (2016-2017)
Creative and Co-Founder – (2015-2017)


Art Direction Portfolio Program
Miami Ad School Berlin (2016-2018)

Polytechnic University of Madrid ETSAM-UPM (2010-2016)


Future Lions Shortlist – Adidas Membrane (2018)
One Show Merit – Sonnet Fearless Optimism (2018)
ADC Young Ones Merit – Sonnet Fearless Optimism (2018)
Miami Ad School Pro-Active Award (2017)
Miami Ad School Joint Pro-Active Award (2017)
Miami Ad School Best Of Show – Photography, Bronze (2017)
Yorokobu Design Competition – Top 10 Shortlist (2016)


Ads of the world – Sonnet Fearless Optimism (2018)
Ads of the world – Adidas Membrane (2018)
Ads of the world – Nike Shoemates (2018)
Ads of the world – Reddit Useless Curiosity (2018)


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Muse
Adobe Audition
Adobe Lightroom

Cinema 4D
Arnold Renderer
Marvelous Designer

Logic Pro X




Spanish (Native)
English (Fluent)
French (Elementary)
German (Elementary)
Galician (Elementary)